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Clara de Cazenave

After 11 years in the marketing industry,I understand 2 things :
You need to choose a good concept and win the confidence of everybody !
Also, you need to work together and never say no.
One team on the same road who speaks with one voice !

Arcangel Ramos
Puerto Rico / US       

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After 8 years of professional work in Network Marketing Industry and based in my own experience I can tell you with confidence that this business is about communication with people, team work and belief in yourself. Sometimes it is very hard work, and sometimes it is very disappointed, but it is worth to choose this path no matter what because this path is toward your dream. Every “NO” that we hear this is our work. Every “yes” that we hear this is our salary.
Mr. Ramos is an entrepreneur, with an extensive background and a proven record of building and managing companies. He has been involved in business management for over 20 years and has held several positions in sales and marketing with some top international companies. He is a constant learner and always looks for new ways to enhance his skills and take his career to the next level. He enjoys integrating his talent into different projects and looks forward to learning new ideas and skills. He has a passion for staying at the forefront of cutting edge technology. He provides team leadership skills to ensure each project exceeds expectation.
I am familiar with Network Marketing Industry and Wellness trend for 15 years and I think that people who come hear and stay are the best people why understand what being healthy means. They carry this idea to others with pleasure creating a team of healthy, positive, successful associates.
Hi my name is Clara de Cazenave, I am a mother of 3 boys, and grandmother of 6 childern. My family is without  doubt the biggest success in my life! Marketing was the answer to the crisis and it has giving me all i need and wanted since i started. It has made me richer and smarter, I can share all i learned and help others to achieve their independant. And that makes me feel good.
I have the 13 - year experience in MLM. This is "love at first sight" and freedom at the same time. We become successful because of the relationship and first of all with ourselves creating harmonious team where everyone becomes better.