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Daniel Parsons      Washington State

I started using Caldera Greens at the Santa Barbara convention in 2010. I make a fruit smoothie everyday since and I can still feel the energy surge. Before I used the Greens, I would get sleepy in the afternoon and now I am wide awake all the way till bedtime. I don’t have any trouble falling asleep and I have not had any caffeine ( coffee or sodas or tea products ) since 2006.
If you want to experience a full energetic day, you need to try our Caldera Greens today!

Barbara Arbster      Pennsylvania

I drink Velocitea daily and no more suffering with constipation,irritable bowel or migraine headaches that used to put me to bed for days.  Plus I know it is always gently removing the everyday toxins from my body.  The Avazzia device came at an excellent time for me.  I had hurt my back and my chiropractor helped me the best he could but I was still suffering with intense back discomfort.
I was unable to do my everyday activities.  It was really affecting my life. That little unit helped me almost immediately. I was amazed how much relief it gave me and how quickly I got my life back.  And I can't forget Perfect Grape. I love that product not only for it's antiaging benefits but I haven't had anymore sinus problems since I started it over a year ago.
I can't say enough about all these products.  I'm extremely impressed with all the products at Whole Wellness Club!

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Myron Miller      Washington

VelociTea has had a significant effect on me. My first noticeable experience was going to the bathroom and feeling like shotgun pellets were coming out of me. I knew this meant that parasites were being expelled from my body. My later experience with the product was experiencing night sweats. I knew from attending the Wed. night conference calls and hearing that this signified my liver was being cleansed of impurities. I tested this by temporarily discontinued taking the tea. I no longer had the night sweats so I knew I had to continue taking the tea in order to detoxify. After several years of taking the tea I no longer experience this and I believe it’s the result of detoxifying not only my liver, but all my other major organs as well.
No more inner or outer tremors! The Coral Calcium 3 has helped me tremendously. Before I began taking this product I was experiencing Parkinsons-like symptoms with both inner and outer tremors. When I began using the Coral Calcium I doubled up the amount and after a month the tremors began to subside. Within three months they had disappeared completely. I would not be without this product.
I have also had great success with the Avazzia Blue pain relief device. Anyone who is experiencing muscular or nerve pain should not be without this. I first used one on my shoulders which had become very sore from lifting a former roommate who was not only obese, but disabled and incapable of moving from the sofa to his bedroom. The Avazzia pain device helped me immensely in ridding myself of this shoulder pain. I also experienced pain in my legs and the Avazzia device has alleviated my pain significantly. More notable experiences have been with 1) a growth on my tongue which had become large and painful and 2) a severe toe fungus.
Regarding the problem with my tongue, I decided to use the Avazzia device and the two little prongs that hook up to it to stimulate the area surrounding the growth. I used it for only 2-3 minutes, but in that time I felt a distinct tingling. Within days the growth began to shrink. After several more uses it disappeared altogether.
As for my big toe, for several years I had been suffering from a nasty fungus that had turned my nail yellow and loosened the toenail. I used the Avazzia device  with the little prongs on the cuticle and toenail itself. I can truthfully say, the fungus is now gone and my toenail is firm, solid, and back to normal.


Jean Munding      Washington

When I first started using the VelociTea I didn't know I had been constipated all my life.I had had hemorrhoids as a child but didn't realize what caused them. I do not have to drink the tea three times a day as I did at first but I have no more trouble with constipation.
My neighbor had to go to the emergency room only to find out she was constipated. I said, "I know what to do for that and gave her a package of VelociTea. She couldn't believe how quickly it worked for her and has been drinking it ever since.

My friend gets the Caldera Greens and says they give her energy.  She even takes them to Germany when she goes to visit her daughter who also says they give her energy. 
I use most of the products sold by the company and am my own best customer.  I buy them in quantity so that I will be sure not to run out.